Pertumbuhan Si Kecil

Sudah idealkah pertumbuhan panjang badan, berat badan, serta lingkar kepala si Kecil sesuai usianya? Bunda bisa mengetahuinya di sini.

Babies Growth

Moms can now discover more information about their baby's growth by inserting the baby's size, such as height, weight and head circumference.

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Panduan Makan si Kecil

Temukan segala hal tentang nutrisi yang dibutuhkan si Kecil, mulai dari jumlah makanan, jadwal makan, serta produk Milna yang pas untuknya. Panduan ini juga dapat membantu Bunda merencanakan makanan padat untuk Si Kecil.

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Perkembangan si Kecil

Kenali perkembangan kemampuan motorik kasar dan halus si Kecil, serta cek apakah sudah berkembang sesuai usianya.

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Babies Development Tools

Find out when your baby starts to talk, crawl, walk, hold things and learn every achievement your Little One can do in 6 months, 9 months to 12 months old. Moms can also discover interesting facts about child development.

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Food Guide For Baby

This guide teaches Moms about the nutrition needed by your Little One, from how much they need, their eating schedule and the most suitable Milna product for your baby. This guide can also help Moms to plan solid foods for the Little One.

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