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Tips on How to Handle Vomiting in Children

Tips on How to Handle Vomiting in Children

Tips on How to Handle Vomiting in Children


Vomiting is something that always have to be watched out by parents. Until a certain level, vomiting is one of body’s normal reactions in some situation. However, vomiting can also mean a child is in a serious condition. Abnormal vomiting can be connected to child’s health condition. Usually caused by food intoxication, viral or bacterial infection, appendicitis, or thickening of the ring muscle between the stomach and the intestine, blocking the passage and preventing the food to get through. Some of the signs of an abnormal vomiting are child seems to be in pain, vomit more than once after an injury, if there is blood in the vomit, or greenish colour of vomit.

Vomiting and regurgitation are two different things. When vomiting, there is a forced contraction of muscles. When eating, sometimes child expels food that already enter the mouth. It is normal because usually they are still in the phase of learning to swallow and chew food. In regurgitation, child expels food after they swallow it. Regurgitation is a normal condition and usually diminish at the age of 12-24 months.

Regurgitation can be prevented in several ways, which is giving food slowly, avoid putting on too tight clothes, try to make child burp after each feeding, and child have to be in an upright position.

For children who just introduced to solids, vomiting usually occur for several reasons, among others:

  • Doesn’t like the food
  • Portion of the bite is too big
  • Food texture that is too firm
  • The food comes in the mouth too far back of the tongue
Then, what can we do to prevent or handle a child who vomits while feeding? Do this steps:
  • Do not rush in feeding your child. Do it slowly.
  • Be careful not to spoon the food too deep into the mouth.
  • Do not pick up your child straightaway after they ate.
  • If your child vomits, take a break before starting the feeding again.
If your child looks like he or she is still hungry after vomiting, you can give food or breastmilk as needed. If after vomiting a child still looks healthy and full of energy, then there is nothing to worry about their health.

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