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Stop Constipation in Children with These 3 Helpful Tips
Stop Constipation in Children with These 3 Helpful Tips

6 - 9 Months

The growth and development process of the Little One should be supported with the fulfillment of nutritional requirements as well as stimulation in accordance to their age to ensure that this process proceeds optimally. To promote good nutrition absorption, parents should pay attention to the health of the digestive system of the Little One. The digestive system of children continues to be in the growth and development process from birth until they are 18 years of age, and therefore it is different from the digestive system of adults. Constipation is a digestive tract problem that frequently occurs in children. What is meant by constipation? Constipation is a condition of difficulty in regular defecation, inability to defecate completely, or inability to defecate at all. The indicators for this condition can be seen from a reduction in the defecation frequency (less than three times a week) and hardening of the feces. Constipation can occur due to various causes, including lack of fiber or fluid intake, or psychological causes. For instance, if the Little One has a previous traumatic experience of defecating in a dirty and smelly toilet outside the house, they may be reluctant to defecate. If constipation is left untreated, the feces will become harder and more difficult to evacuate. So, how should we overcome constipation in children? Attempt these 3 helpful tips:

  • Ensure that the fiber requirements of the Little One is fulfilled If the daily diet of the Little One is dominated by protein and fat, there is an increased possibility for hardening of the feces. The Little One should consume fiber-rich food such as fruits, vegetables, and grains to ensure smooth defecation, if they are already at an age to do so. The Little One can also be given yoghurt or products that contain probiotics (good bacteria) to help soften the feces.
  • Adequate water intake For a Little One below the age of 6 months, ensure that the breast milk or formula milk consumption fulfills their requirements. If they are older than 6 months, parents can also provide water to drink in an adequate quantity, even though the Little One is not thirsty.
  • Conduct massage techniques Constipation in the Little One may also be resolved by conducting soft massages in their abdominal area. Massages can be started from the upper right region of the abdomen to the upper left region, and then down to the lower left region. This direction is in accordance to the path of the feces in the intestines, and can stimulate intestinal movements to ease defecation.
If the three methods above do not help to resolve constipation in the Little One, parents are advised to consult the pediatrician. Usually, the doctor will prescribe a medication to ease the defecation, whether orally or inserted through the anus. If the examination results indicate that feces has accumulated in the intestine, the doctor will conduct an evacuation.

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