How to Prepare and Serve Snacks for Kids Correctly

6 - 9 Months

After the exclusive breastfeeding period during the first 6 months of life, the Little One is ready for the next phase, which includes the provision of complementary food. The provision of complementary food is aimed to fulfill the daily nutritional requirements of the Little One, which can no longer be fulfilled by breastfeeding alone. The provision of complementary food is done gradually in terms of type, quantity, frequency, texture, and consistency. In addition to the main meals, snacks can also be given to the Little One. Depending on their appetite, parents can serve snacks 1-2 times between each main meal since the introduction of complementary food. What kind of snacks are good for the Little One? The following are some tips for serving snacks for the Little One:

  • Select healthy and natural snacks To ensure that the provided snacks complete the nutritional requirements of the Little One, select healthy food substances with nutritional contents similar to their main meals. Ideal choices include vegetables and fruits. Parents can serve broccoli, carrot, apple, pear, avocado, and so on. These can be served fresh or boiled. In addition, baby biscuits or crackers can also be served as snacks.
  • Avoid snacks that are too sweet, salty, or savoury Parents should pay attention to the taste of the snacks given to the Little One. The WHO recommends that sugar intake should be limited to 5% of the total daily dietary intake. An excessive consumption of sugar can lead to tooth decay and obesity, as well as increase the risks of diseases in the future. Snacks that are too salty can also affect the nutritional balance of the Little One as well as increase the risk of diseases in the future. Therefore, when serving instant or packaged snacks, parents should check the nutritional composition table to pay attention to the sugar, salt, and other flavouring agent contents in the snack.
  • The snack should be good for teeth development The correct type of snack that supports the biting and chewing process of the Little One and therefore assist in teeth and gum development are baby biscuits.Parents can select highly nutritious biscuits containing DHA for brain development, FOS for digestive tract health, and high calcium to support bone and teeth development.
  • Avoid honey Children aged less than 1 year old should not consume honey, as it is a source of bacterial spores that can produce botulinum toxin.
The provision of healthy food, both main meals and snacks, can support the optimal growth and development process of the Little One. Parents should support this by providing healthy and high quality food to the Little One.

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