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These 7 Foods are Great Weight Gain Food for Kids. Try them!
These 7 Foods are Great Weight Gain Food for Kids. Try them!

12+ Months

Since birth, the most visible changes seen in the Little One is the growth of their body. In this case, growth refers to an increase in size, number of cells, and other supporting tissues of the body that leads to an increase in physical size. This growth is evaluated by measuring the body weight, height, and head circumference. Based on the data from WHO in 2014, Indonesia ranks 17th among 117 countries for the highest prevalence of wasting (thin stature) and stunting (short stature) among under-fives. “The issue of short stature does not stop at the height of the child. In the short term, lack of iron and amino acids can have an impact on growth and development, immunity, and cognitive function. However, without adequate nutritional intake, in the long run, lack of iron, iodine, zinc, and vitamin A can lead to decreased IQ and increased risk of diseases such as obesity and osteoporosis,” explains Dr. Atilla Dewanti, SpA (K), an expert on the health of infants and children. If the weight of the Little One does not tend to increase and parents are concerned about this, they should reassess the meal menu for the Little One. To increase their body weight, parents should provide high calorie food with nutritional contents that are good for their growth and development. What types of healthy food can aid the increase in body weight of the Little One? See the list below:

  • Avocado One type of fruit recommended to increase the body weight of the Little One is avocado, due to its high calorie content and presence of unsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, as well as magnesium, which are beneficial for health. Avocados can be given as complementary food, which can be mixed with breast milk or other types of milk consumed by the Little One.
  • Bananas Another type of fruit that can be given to the Little One due to its high calorie content is bananas. In addition to having a sweet taste that children enjoy, it also has a soft texture. Parents can serve bananas on its own, or it can also be served as a drink or banana-based food such as compote or smoothies.
  • Butter, margarine, or olive oil Increasing the amount of calorie intake can also be done by using butter, margarine, or olive oil to prepare food for the Little One. Butter or margarine can be used as an ingredient for pudding, which the Little One will enjoy.
  • Cow milk or dairy products Generally, cow milk or dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, or yoghurt, are well liked by children. Dairy products can be consumed directly or used as an ingredient for other types of food. In addition to having high calories, cow milk and dairy products are also rich in calcium, which is beneficial for bone and teeth growth. However, parents should ensure that the Little One does not have cow milk allergy prior to consumption.
  • High carbohydrate snacks Serve a variety of high carbohydrate snacks for the Little One. Parents can serve baked potatoes, fried noodles or rice noodles, boiled corn, or baby biscuits.
  • Eggs and meat If the Little One is not allergic to eggs and meat, parents can serve these since the age of 6 months. Both are high in calories and contain proteins. Eggs also contain omega-3, which is beneficial for brain development, while meat contains vitamin B12 and iron, which prevent anemia.
  • Nuts and peanut butter Nuts and peanut butter are also included in the types of food that can increase the body weight of the Little One. Peanuts or red beans can be mixed with soup, and peanut butter can be served with bread, which can then be given as snacks. These meals are rich in calories, fiber, proteins, and vitamin B.
In addition to the 7 types of food listed above, parents can also encourage the Little One to participate in physical activities or serve packaged complementary food designed specially to increase the body weight of the Little One. Exercise builds their appetite. So, aside from having an increased body weight, they are also healthier.

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